Retired police constables to serve force on part-time basis

Reserve police constables to serve in police stations and other departments • New scheme sees officers who serve on the force for 25 years, choose part-time role instead of retirement

One of the new four female part-time police constables (Photo: Omar Camilleri, DOI)
One of the new four female part-time police constables (Photo: Omar Camilleri, DOI)

40 police officers – 36 men and 4 women – will continue working as part-time constables instead of retiring after 25 years of service on the force, under a new scheme introduced by the home affairs ministry.

Minister Carmelo Abela, together with police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, presided over the swearing-in ceremony of the reserve police constables who will provide support in various police departments.

Members of the police are entitled to a pension after 25 years of service, and can also seek other employment.

Abela said that the ministry had recognised that many officials were willing to continue serving the force, instead of retiring, once their 25 years were up.

In recent weeks, a recruitment process had been launched, aimed at police officers who had retired after 25 years of service and others who had left before.

Applicants were interviewed by a selection board and assessed on the merit of their motivation, personality and police knowledge, before undergoing and a medical examination by the doctor of the force.

“We recognise that the love for the uniform and the service are a vocation that is not easy to put aside,” Abela said. “Use this opportunity to pass on the passion for police work to your younger colleagues.”

He urged the new reserves to share the knowledge and experience that they accrued over the years with their colleagues and to help guide them.

The reserved constables will be working from 23 hours to a maximum of 35 hours a week to continue strengthening the human resources available at police stations.

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