Four prime ministers, nine milky teas and two-dozen Maltese pastizzi please

Order up for four EU premiers and their partners at Rabat’s legendary Crystal Palace: ‘Disà te, zewg tuzzani pastizzi’ please

"Irkotta jew pizelli Guz?" (Photo: Omar Camilleri/DOI)

Four prime ministers enter a Maltese pastizzerija. The Maltese places the order, the rest get busy eating and sipping on tea and coffee.

It’s 2pm in Rabat, and prime ministers Charles Michel of Belgium, Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg, Miro Cerar of Slovenia, and their partners are being hosted by Joseph Muscat and his wife Michelle at the Crystal Palace, home of Malta’s favourite savoury snack, the pastizz (or Maltese cheesecake).

Enjoying an off day after the Malta Summit, Muscat this morning took the leaders and their partners to a tour of the Roman Villa and Mdina before heading to Serkin's.

Because what’s in a trip to Malta if you haven’t savoured an authentic Maltese cheesecake?