Philip Muscat, former Labour minister, passes away

Former education minister who introduced student-worker scheme dies at 80.

Former Education MInister Philip Muscat died this morning, aged 80.

A medical doctor, Muscat was a Labour MP from 1962 to 1996, serving as education minister from 1976 to 1983. It was in these years that the controversial student-worker scheme was introduced for university and technical institute students, as well as the Junior Lyceum exams. In Muscat's words, the government wanted a scheme "that would allow students to understand better the subject they were studying because they would have the opportunity to work in that field."

Born at Zebbug, he later served as Minister of Parastatal and People’s Industries until 1987.

The Zebbug council said it had cancelled its New Year's Day activities as a sign of respect. The local council’s flags will be flying at half-mast until Dr Muscat’s funeral is concluded.

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Dr Philip Muscat may you rest in peace. My good friend Dr Philip Muscat was a prominent figure in Dom Mintoff's formidable team between 1962 to 1987 which worked wonders for Malta and Maltese people. May all the people you helped in your life time both as a doctor and as a politician respect and remember you in their own way. Condolences to his wife Doris, all their children and grandchildren for the loss of their beloved Dr Philip Muscat.

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