PN raises €275,940 in fundraising telethon

Simon Busuttil questions how Joseph Muscat can represent Malta at EU summit when he is under investigation 

The PN raised €275,940 during Thursday night’s telethon. Photo: Net
The PN raised €275,940 during Thursday night’s telethon. Photo: Net

The Nationalist Party managed to raise €275,940 during Thursday night’s telethon.

The marathon, which started at 6:30pm and was broadcast live on Net TV and Radio 101, was themes ‘Ghall-Pajjiz li Jixraqlek’ (For a country you deserve).

In a speech, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said that the PN is striving to turn the country’s fortunes around so that people will no longer be ashamed to call themselves Maltese.

He questioned how Prime Minister Joseph Muscat could represent Malta at an upcoming EU summit in Brussels, when he is currently under investigation by a magisterial inquiry. He said that he will soon travel to the Belgian capital himself and predicted that he will instantly be asked about the ongoing political crisis in Malta.

He was referring to reports that the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat is the ultimate beneficial owner of an offshore Panama company and that his chief of staff Keith Schembri received kickbacks from Nexia BT boss Brian Tonna from the sale of citizenship scheme.

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