First female president of Labour Party's youth wing elected

New FZL president Naomi Cachia’s goal is to ensure that youth remain ‘Joseph Muscat’s biggest allies

Naomi Cachia is the new FZL president
Naomi Cachia is the new FZL president

The Labour Party’s youth wing, Forum Zghazagh Laburisti (FZL), has elected Naomi Cachia as president in its general meeting, themed ‘The Next Step’.

Cachia, the first female president of the youth organisation, has taken over the role from outgoing president Alex Saliba.

She had previously worked in the Labour forum, acting as political coordinator.

Cachia is also one of the founding members of the Network for Young Women leaders which was established last year.  The network aims to act as a support system for young female activists in leadership and has drawn support from President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

In her opening speech, Cachia promised that to continue to work towards empowering women in the Labour Party and to ensure that youths “remain the biggest allies of Joseph Muscat”.

Labour leader and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat congratulated Cachia, whilst MEP Miriam Dalli called the election “history in the making”.

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