Cycling NGO comes out in defence of police: they need protecting too

Local cycling advocacy group questions how society keeps asking for enforcement, but seem to forget that police officers may not be fully protected

Local cycling NGO, the BAG group, has come out strongly in calls for the protection of ambulance crews, who are delivering a public service, but also for the legal protection of police officers as well.

Earlier this week, the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses reported how one of its nurses had requested police assistance in Marsa, but was left waiting 40 minutes before the officers turned up. The nurse was allegedly threatened by a group of men.

The matter is now being investigated by the police’s internal unit.

“We keep asking for enforcement, but keep forgetting that the men and women of our police force place themselves at risk of retaliation every time they step in to correct someone, during an incident and sometimes much later,” the Bicycling Advocacy Group (B.A.G.) said.

“It is time the law fully backs them up and protects them as well as their families who are also sometimes threatened.”

The NGO said disciplined forces sometimes come face to face with unthinkable situations: “How can we expect them to protect us if society does not protect them and their loved ones in return? It is time to say ‘we’ve got your back’.”

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