Transfer of LSAs leads to trade dispute at Zabbar’s kindergarten

The Malta Union of Teachers has accused the Secretariat for Catholic Education of hiding its mismanagement issues by transferring personnel

The Malta Union of Teachers has declared a trade dispute with the Secretariat for Catholic Education, which is responsible for St. Angela Kindergarten.

Earlier this summer, the MUT had objected to the transfer of two learning support assistants (LSAs) from St. Angela in Haz-Zabbar.

“The reasons provided by the secretariat for the transfer to other schools were unjustified,” the MUT said.

Following a series of correspondence, and a proposed meeting which was never held, the Secretariat pursued with its plans to transfer the two LSAs, the union added.

“Rather than tackling the mismanagement issues, which include serious financial and administrative malpractices, the Secretariat is transferring personnel in an attempt to hide shortcomings and silence employees,” the MUT argued.

Meanwhile, the MUT also issued a directive to the two LSAs to continue reporting to work at St. Angela.

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