While PN drags its feet, PD nominates anti-corruption commission member

The Democratic Party has nominated Philip Micallef to the Permanent Commission Against Corruption as Opposition leader Adrian Delia dilly-dallies • Move is likely to fall on deaf ears

Former Air Malta CEO Philip Micallef
Former Air Malta CEO Philip Micallef

Taking the wind out of the Nationalist Party's sails, the Democratic Party has nominated Philip Micallef to be a member of the Permanent Commission Against Corruption.

The party said that the anti-corruption commission has been unable to meet for the past eight months since Opposition leader Adrian Delia has yet to nominate someone to fill the position left vacant by the passing away of former magistrate Joe Cassar.

PD leader Anthony Buttigieg and the party's two MPs, Godfrey Farrugia and Marlene Farrugia, wrote to the Prime Minister on Thursday morning, formally nominating Micallef to be a member of the Commission. However, the move is likely to fall on deaf ears since the nomination has to formally come from Delia, who is the constitutionally recognised leader of the Opposition.

Micallef was a former CEO at Air Malta and had in the past captained the Malta Communications Authority.

The PD asked for a speedy process to formalise Micallef's appointment so that the commission could once again take on its role of investigating cases of potential corruption in the country.

Back in November, the Prime Minister had explained that the reason why the commission could not meet and function was because the Opposition leader had so far failed to nominate a member. PD had previously offered to nominate a candidate.

In this morning's statement, PD said that it formed part of the parliamentary opposition and since the constitution of this commission was of paramount importance in the current politico-economic climate in Malta, had forged ahead with Micallef's nomination.

The party said it looked for someone with a reputation of unimpeachable integrity with practical experience both in private enterprise and on government regulatory boards and with experience abroad.

As the position to be filled is in the service of the entire nation, PD ensured the nominee was not a member of the party and who had no current party-political ties.

Micallef was CEO for Air Malta from 2014 till 2016. Chief Executive of the Bermuda Regulatory Authority from 2012 till 2014; Executive Chairman of the Malta Communications Authority from 2008 till 2012; CEO of Melita Cable from 2006 till 2008; CEO Malta Enterprise 2004 till 2006. Before this he held several senior positions in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain in major international telecommunications and technology companies.

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