Man charged with intimidating partner granted bail to attend drug rehab

Man granted bail in order to attend drug rehabilitation program with Caritas  

A court has granted bail to a 38-year-old man from Qawra, arraigned on domestic violence charges, in order for him to attend a long-awaited drug rehabilitation program.

The man, who pleaded not guilty to having intimidated his partner during an incident that happened in March, told the court that he was unemployed and currently receiving in-patient care at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Lawyer Alexandra Mamo, assisting the man’s partner, informed the court that her client wished to withdraw one of the charges.

Lawyer Jacob Magri , assisting the defendant together with lawyer Arthur Azzopardi, requested the man be released on bail.

Police Inspector Omar Zammit, prosecuting, did not object to the request, both in view of the parte civile’s request to withdraw her complaint, as well as because the defendant had signed himself in to Mount Carmel Hospital, voluntarily on the day after the incident in March, in order to begin addressing his problems with drug addiction.

The man had been due to start a residential drug rehabilitation program with Caritas next week, said the inspector, explaining that if he were to be remanded in custody, that opportunity would be missed.

Magri added that the man spent the last month at Mount Carmel and had completed the first phase of rehab, with the next stage due to start later this week. He asked the court to take into account the man’s financial means in setting bail conditions.

After hearing the parties’ submissions on bail, Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo upheld the request for bail and released the man from arrest, ordering him to sign a bail book three times every week. His compliance with his bail conditions was secured by a €500 deposit and a €5000 personal guarantee. A protection order in favour of the alleged victim was also issued.