Delia to focus on three main principles in run-up to next local council elections

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia reaffirms his position on corruption and bad practices, wants to base his work on three main principles

Speaking to Nationalist Party supporters this morning, Opposition leader Adrian Delia reaffirmed his position against corruption and bad practice
Speaking to Nationalist Party supporters this morning, Opposition leader Adrian Delia reaffirmed his position against corruption and bad practice

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has said that he wants to base his party’s work, leading up to next year's local council elections, on three main principles: the standing up against bad practice; having compassion towards, and giving a helping hand to individuals; and to present a party which believes in good governance.

Speaking in his resident, Siggiewi, Delia said that the party would be working to present the people a party with vision to the future.

“The PN will be working to show the people of Malta and Gozo that we have a vision for the future, we will be working to show that if elected, every euro spent on corruption by the present government will be spent to invest in the future.“

Delia once again addressed the issue surrounding Vitals Global Healthcare and said that Joseph Muscat’s government is stealing from the people.

“How can one believe Joseph Muscat and Chris Fearne when they gave €50m to someone that has no idea on what they are doing with the health sector?” Delia asked.

The PN according to him will stand with people and seek to abolish any bad practices by the government, “Where there is any wrong doing, we must remove it. If there is something that is not functioning as it should, come talk to us and we will change things together.”

Speaking about the rental market, Delia said that the government had no plan whatsoever.

“The government must address this issue as it is costing low-wage earners a considerable portion of their salary.“

Speaking of building development happening around the country, he emphasis that “We must assess the developments that are happening, and see that we do not allow our island to be overrun by this wave of concrete.”

Chris Said, whose Gozo portfolio was reaffirmed in Friday's reshuffle, together with being given the responsibility for constitutional reforms, spoke prior to Delia and expressed his loyalty to both the party and the leader.

“I want to work behind our new leader to make sure that the Nationalist party is once again relevant and strong,” Said said, highlighting that he would work to make the PN the natural option for Gozitans.

“The constitution has served us well, but we must look to improve and revitalise the constitution so that it is more relevant to present times,” Said remarked.

“We want a structure that keeps the people’s interest in minds and stops the country from being crippled by the present government's corruption,” he maintained

Delia also expressed his confidence in Said, saying that they were “not rivals, but soldiers working together” to push forward the party’s principles.