MEP Roberta Metsola gives key-note speech in South Carolina

In a public lecture in Furman University, Metsola was invited to give a key-note speech on the rule of law, migration and transatlantic relations

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola, speaking in the United States, has emphasised that the US and Europe could "never be silent in the face of threats to our fundamental freedoms."

Addressing a key-note speech in Furman University, South Carolina, Metsola talked about her work on rule of law, migration and transatlantic relations.

She emphasised the importance of determination over geographical size, saying that being born and raised in Malta has taught her that geographical limitations can be overcome by hard-work.

“Your determination is not constrained by borders,” Metsola said.

Metsola highlighted the issue of populist politics and said that it is not only the economic strength that ties the two superpowers together, but also the determination to defend value-based politics.

She emphasised that the threat of populist politics must be defended, so as to ensure that extremism and populism do not infiltrate society.

“All of us on either side of the Atlantic must make our voices heard in defence of a strong value-based politics,” Metsola stressed.

The MEP also paid tribute to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galiza, saying that politicians must work to ensure better protection for media freedom.

“The phenomenon of fake news and online misinformation is increasingly worrying. Social media is a force for good in this world, but we cannot allow tools designed for the betterment of mankind to be abused of,” she said.

Addressing migration, Metsola insisted on a "global approach" to tackling this "global phenomenon", saying that a distinction must be made between people in need of protection and those seeking work.