[WATCH] President has her opinion like any other citizen, Chris Fearne says

Despite the President’s final dig at the IVF law approved by Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne expresses satisfaction that she eventually signed it

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca signed the IVF law under protest
President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca signed the IVF law under protest
Chris Fearne on the President signing the IVF bill

Chris Fearne has defended President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca’s uncharacteristic move to publicly voice her discomfort with the in-vitro fertilisation law.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who piloted the radical changes to the Embryo Protection Act, showed no signs of regret at the President’s final dig yesterday.

On Thursday, in an unprecedented move for any president, Coleiro Preca released a statement saying that she was signing the IVF law solely out of respect for the Constitution and the democratic process.

Her statement effectively meant that she was carrying out her duty under protest. Parliament approved the law on Tuesday.

But Fearne was unfazed by yesterday's development when asked for his reaction on Friday morning.

“I am satisfied that the President has signed the new law, which gives greater opportunity for more people to have children,” Fearne said, adding the government was also comforted by the Attorney General’s advice that the amendments conformed to the Constitution.

“The President has her opinion like any other citizen. I had various meetings with the President but now the parliamentary process has passed, a decision has been taken and she has signed the law,” Fearne added.

He said the intense debate that preceded the law was a feather in the Malta’s cap because it showed the country’s democratic credentials.

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