[WATCH] Puli tries hard to offer One News reporters a Coca-Cola, but fails

Someone must tell Clyde Puli not to open a journalist’s car, even when bearing gifts...

I'm heeeee-re....
I'm heeeee-re....
Credit: ONE News

Nationalist Party secretary-general Clyde Puli saw his attempt at offering a One News crew a couple of cold drinks being rejected, after he was filmed barging in on the waiting journalist and camera person. 

Labour's news organ One uploaded a video of Puli approaching the waiting journalist’s car with two bottles of Coca-Cola in hand, followed by a security official who was actually filming the whole ordeal with his mobile phone.

Puli is filmed by the One journalist opening the journalist’s car and handing the soft drinks to the people inside the car, who immediately rejected them.

The cameraperson, seated in the driver’s seat immediately told Puli that it was unacceptable for the PN secretary-general to open the door of the vehicle, uninvited as he was.

“This is a token of friendship... yesterday you barged in on a staff BBQ!” Puli immediately fired back. 

Puli continued to persist but was ultimately rejected once again. 

Shortly after the video was uploaded on the PL’s news portal, Puli uploaded a shortened version of the ordeal on his Facebook page, captioned, “Offered a refreshing drink to One journalists camping outside PNHQ in this scorching heat,” 

Nicole Butigieg, the ONE journalist inside the car, commented, “Keep calm and try to save what remains of your beloved political party. Enjoy what promises to be a stress-free summer.” 

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