Adrian Delia files libel suit against Lovin Malta

According to Net News, the PN leader was suing the media organisation to clear his name from ‘unfounded and malicious’ allegations

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has filed a libel suit against the media organisation Lovin Malta, Net News reported on Thursday.

The PN’s online news portal said that Delia had filed libel proceedings because he felt defamed by a “series of allegations” published on the website.

On Wednesday, Lovin Malta published a series of articles about the fallout from allegations made by Delia’s wife that he had been violent towards her and their children.

One article cited a number of anonymous sources which the website described as “key protagonists” and “senior members” within the PN.

The article quoted these sources stating that Delia needed to step down sooner rather than later for the good of the party.

One of allegations in the Lovin Malta article was a claim, allegedly made by a “top MP”, who said that Delia is “going around with €500 notes”.

The anonymous source even suggested that “those €500 notes might be coming from donations”.

Lawyer Vincent Galea filed the libel suit on Delia’s behalf.

Net News said that while Delia has always welcomed criticism, he would not allow anyone to tarnish his reputation or that of the party.

The Nationalist Party has so far not issued a statement on the matter.