[WATCH] Adrian Delia says that 90% of true Nationalist Party supporters are behind him

At a political activity, opposition leader Adrian Delia said that despite misleading media stories reporting on factionalism within the Nationalist Party, a confidence vote across PN committees showed overwhelming support for him

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that one paper in particular, referring to Illum, led with a story on Sunday saying that former Prime Minister's son Michael Fenech Adami from the Nationalist Party Counsellor College voted against him in a confidence motion in the party leader.

But this same paper, he said, along with a myriad other media houses failed to mention how the majority of PN committees backed their party leader.

"More than 90% of those who are truly Nationalist Party supporters, the grassroots, showed their support despite many references made in the media of how factionalism was breaking the party, with one attack after another," he said.

Delia was speaking at a political activity in the PN club in Senglea where he said that he became involved in politics because the Nationalist Party members, for the first time ever, chose a leader from amongst themselves because it was time for a change.

Delia argued that while it was "Adrian Delia season", with several stories making the rounds and speculating on the future of the Nationalist Party, ostensibly alienating the nation, the government was carrying on with illicit deals.

Delia referred to a 99-year lease on land at St George's Bay to International Hotel Investments (IHI). "Without a tendering process, 30,000 square metres will be given away, approximately €800 million in earnings. Konrad Mizzi is stealing taxpayers money, our land, justice and truth," he said.

The €121 million valuation on the land has been dramatically discounted to €52 million because IHI purchased the neighbouring Radisson Hotel, which it will demolish, as well as for the demolition of the Corinthia Marina Hotel.

The PN party leader said that it's possible that tourism minister Mizzi was not the one behind the negotation and that the deal had been struck years before. "The responsibility for this falls squarely on the shoulders of the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat," he added.

"It isn't just two towers that are to be built on the former ITS land. It's 12 towers, 12 towers will be built not on private land but on public property, on land that belongs to the people," Delia said, adding that all this was happening while 3,200 individuals were still banging on the door of government housing.

Delia concluded that while the Labour Party had lost its socialist soul, a campaign was going on to discredit him. "This attack is not an attack on Adrian Delia, but on the Nationalist Party."