Noah and Emma most popular names in 2018

Information given in Parliament on Tuesday shows that the three most popular names for boys and girls last year feature the perennial favourites Luca and Emma

Emma remained the most popular name for girls
Emma remained the most popular name for girls

Noah topped the list of most popular names for boys last year, followed by the perennial favourite, Luca.

The information was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who was answering a question by Labour Whip Byron Camilleri.

Liam was the third most popular name for boys born in 2018.

The top three names for girls last year saw the perennial favourite, Emma, come out on top for the fourth year in a row. This was followed by Mia and Valentina.

No information was given on the number of babies given these names.

In 2017, the most common baby names were Emma and Luca. This was the third year in a row at the top of the list for Luca.

Ella and Amy were the second and third most popular names for girls in 2017, while Ben and Liam placed second and third for boys.

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