[WATCH] Facebook clip shows Delia security man shoving people in Xarabank audience fight

Edited video identifies Terence Ciantar, Birkirkara supporter suspended from national stadium over 2015 FA Trophy final brawl, as one of the antagonists in Xarabank argument

Terence Ciantar was identified as one of the Xarabank incident's antagonists
Terence Ciantar was identified as one of the Xarabank incident's antagonists
Video shows Adrian Delia supporter shoving Xarabank audience

A video released by junior minister Silvio Schembri on Facebook appears to identify a purported PN security official as one of the instigators of a heated argument in the Xarabank studios.

The loud and heated commotion erupted inside the Xarabank studios on Friday evening with several members of the audience getting out of their seats on the stand, during the popular programme’s commercial break

While it is not entirely known what caused the argument, both Labour and Nationalist party media were eager to blame supporters of either party present in the studio.

But the video released by Schembri, whose father John Schembri, the Luqa mayor, was in the audience, clearly shows Terence Ciantar - billed in the edited video as a security officer for PN leader Adrian Delia - pushing people onto the audience seats during the argument.

Ciantar, 35, was previously charged with provoking a fight between Birkirkara and Hibs supporters by throwing an inflatable banana at supporters of the opposing team in 2015. Ciantar, a supporter of the Birkirkara team once chaired by Adrian Delia, was among a number of fans involved in the scuffle that broke out in a pitch invasion when Birkirkara clinched the FA Trophy with a 2-0 win.

Friday’s Xarabank segment was divided into two parts: the first was an interview with PN leader Adrian Delia and the second was a discussion on the situation inside the Nationalist Party.

PN secretary-general Clyde Puli can be seen in the silent footage obtained by One News, which claimed that PN voters in the studio had insulted the relatives of parliamentary secretary for financial services Silvio Schembri – his father John Schembri, the Luqa mayor, was present in the audience.

On the other hand, the Nationalist Party’s media said that the police had to be called upon after Schembri’s father provoked a member of the general public.

Xarabank presenter Peppi Azzopardi is overheard trying to calm things down as someone announces that two minutes remain before the show is to resume.