Gozo university group justifies decision to oppose the tunnel

The GUG says a survey last year found that Gozitan university students supported a tunnel link to Malta because this was the only option on the table • Proposes fast ferry and fourth ship intstead

Gozitan university students have changed their mind over tunnel project
Gozitan university students have changed their mind over tunnel project

 The Gozo University Group has justified its decision to oppose the construction of a tunnel between Gozo and Malta, insisting other options could be explored.

The GUG was forced to release a statement on Tuesday after receiving flak when its representative came out against the tunnel project during a debate in Gozo. The position contrasted with past declarations by the university students group.

The debate, organised by heritage group Wirt Għawdex, took place on Monday and the GUG representative said Gozitan students were opposed to the tunnel and preferred a fast ferry service instead.

“A survey conducted last year showed us that many favoured the tunnel as it was the only idea of connectivity which was being thrown about. Nowadays, due to new information emerging, this is no longer the case. Thus, as the ideas of our fellow students change, so too must ours,” GUG said.

It reiterated that a daily concern for Gozitan students was the abysmal ferry waiting time and proposed a fourth ship and a fast ferry service to improve connectivity between the islands.

“The majority of Gozitan students who travel both weekly and daily to Malta are not in favour of the proposed tunnel project, in fear of what it might cause to the quite island we so proudly call home,” the organisation said.

A MaltaToday survey last November found that 63.1% of people agreed with a tunnel and 24.4% opposed it. Specifically in Gozo, 66% agreed with a tunnel, while 9.5% opposed it. However, the survey found that Gozitans were also the most uncertain about the project with 24.5% unsure whether they agreed or not with a tunnel connection to Malta.

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