Gwardamanga families to be provided with temporary accommodation

Four apartments will be provided to the families who were struck by the Gwardamanga collapse 

The families who resided in the Gwardamanga house which partially collapsed on Thursday, will be accommodated in four apartments provided by the Housing Authority. 

The families will be moving into their new temporary residence on Monday, and will be provided with accommodation in a hotel over the weekend.

The partial collapse of the common wall between a construction site and a house on St Luke Road, left the families living in the various apartments adjacent and above the house which suffered the collapse, without a roof over their head. 

Janet Walker insisted that she wanted to live in an accommodation with wheelchair access to assist her sick mother.

Another family who lived in the block of apartments spoke to the media on Saturday morning, stating that they had slept outside their home after claiming that police were not keeping watch over their property. 

In a statement on Saturday, the Housing Authority said that the families living in the Gwardamanga apartments, will be provided with temporary residence until they can return to their homes when deemed safe. 

In collaboration with the Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society and the families themselves, four apartments from the private sector have been allocated. 

“All the apartments are in good condition and cater for the needs of the families,” the statement read. 

All the expenses surrounding the provided accommodation will be covered by the contractor in charge of the neighbouring site where the collapse occurred. 

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Accommodation said that it will continue to assess the case with the competent authorities. 

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