Armed forces rescue 58 migrants from within Maltese territorial waters

The migrants were disembarked in Malta on Sunday afternoon

The migrants were rescued by the AFM on Sunday (File Photo)
The migrants were rescued by the AFM on Sunday (File Photo)

A group of migrants rescued by the Armed Forces of Malta have landed in Malta after being rescued by the Armed Forces of Malta. 

The migrants were rescued from a boat in distress just north of the Maltese search and rescue zone by the AFM’s P21 patrol boat on Sunday, an army spokesperson said. The composition of the group of migrants and their condition is as yet unknown.

A second migrant boat is reportedly being monitored by the AFM. 

Meanwhile, the army has said that an NGO-operated rescue vessel which is travelling towards Malta with a further 64 migrants on board, does not have permission to enter territorial waters.

The NGO Alarm Phone said the migrants had left from Al-Khums in Libya three days ago. It said that upon receiving a distress call from the migrants, it had informed Maltese and Italian authorities.

The migrants were rescued shortly afterwards, the NGO said, adding that the search and rescue operation was “confirmed by Malta”.

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