Fourth Gozo ferry to remain in operation until tender for ship is issued

The Gozo Ministry said that 221,088 people crossed the channel during Santa Marija week

The MV Nikolaus
The MV Nikolaus

The MV Nikolaus, the ferry leased by the Gozo Channel to keep up with the increased demand during the summer months, will remain in operation until a tender for a new ship has been adjudicated and issued.

In a statement, the Gozo ministry said that the leased ship had contributed to an increased efficiency during Santa Marija week, and had allowed more people to carried across the channel than last year.

“Despite the great influx of people, Gozo Channel’s operations were very regular, with the introduction of the fourth ship allowing more people to be carried with a greater efficiency and negligible waiting times,” read the statement.

It added that the queus people were used to during Santa Marija week were not seen this year.

The ministry said that according to figures issued by the Gozo Channel, 221,088 people and 61,328 cars over 904 trips between Malta and Gozo.

“Gozo is becoming a touristic destimation all year round not only during Santa Marija week,” the minstry said, adding that there had been a 5% increase in the number of passengers and 15% in the number of cars crossing so far this year.  

The ministry also noted that people choosing to travel to Gozo using an electric car could cross between the two island free of charge.

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