Government is taking Hal Far riot lightly, Adrian Delia says

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the fiery riot that took place on Sunday in Hal Far was a very serious situation

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the government’s reaction to Sunday’s riots in Hal Far was a meagre and unsatisfying retort to a very serious situation.

“I was disappointed immensely by the government’s statement because it didn’t say anything. The government spent €40,000 for a press conference inaugurating a flyover and for an incident like yesterday’s we get a statement saying that a small group of people instigated this riot,” Delia said.

Speaking in Parliament ahead of his Budget speech, Delia said that there are Maltese towns with a smaller population than the number of people involved in Sunday’s riot.

“The Minister has just realised that the employees at the open centre in Hal Far don’t have enough security. This is not the way to lead the country, not the way to react to really serious incidents,” Delia said, adding that all of Malta was speaking about the incident before the government decided to publish a very unsatisfactory comment.

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