Konrad Mizzi defiant, calls for unity in Labour party

Tourism Minister implies that Evarist Bartolo’s call for his resignation is simply playing to the PN tune

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi faces pressure from colleagues to resign
Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi faces pressure from colleagues to resign

Tourism Minister called for unity in the Labour party as Education Minister Evarist Bartolo proposed he should resign.

“I won’t respond publicly to criticism from some of my colleagues because I don’t think our country deserves any bickering at this juncture. All these attacks are doing is pleasing Nationalist Party exponents who are obsessed with power and who are trying their hardest to sow the seed of divide between us,” Mizzi said on Facebook.

He was responding to Bartolo’s Facebook post calling for his resignation and the resignation of the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri, saying that the Labour party tree was greater than its branches and keeping both Schembri and Mizzi within government would stand to poison the tree.

Mizzi claimed that such comments would only serve to play to the tune of the PN.

“Everyone has the right to express himself, but the damage to our country that certain people have done is irreparable. They are happy to destroy the country as long as the Prime Minister and those around him are destroyed.

“The question is simple: are we to suddenly reward this kind of behaviour? Should we dance to the PN’s music?” Mizzi wrote.

Mizzi urged for the Labour party to work together, insisting that the truth always prevails.

“We can keep creating wealth and a healthy and sustainable future that Maltese families deserve, but only if we embrace unity and refrain from falling for provocation and divide,” he said.