[WATCH] Justice cannot be served with Muscat as Prime Minister - Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia says the risk that justice is not served increases every second Joseph Muscat remains Prime Minister

Adrian Delia gave a press a conference after meeting President George Vella
Adrian Delia gave a press a conference after meeting President George Vella

Justice in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder case cannot be served with Joseph Muscat as Prime Minister, Adrian Delia said.

The Opposition leader, who earlier on Thursday met with the President for the second time in a week, said that he had spoken to George Vella about the dangerous situation Malta was in, and had asked him to do everything he could to address it.

“Today it emerged that Muscat and Keith Schembri would attend secret service meetings together,” Delia said, “In light of this, Muscat’s involvement in the investigations must stop immediately.”

“With every second that passes, Malta’s reputation is suffering irreversible damage.”

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Referring to reports that Dutch MPs had questioned whether their country could safely share confidential information with the government of Malta, Delia said that this clearly showed the integrity and stature of Malta was weakening.

“Muscat remaining in his place is the biggest threat to justice being served,” he stressed.

Malta had become hostage to persons who had created a constitutional crisis, with Muscat being “the biggest part of the problem.”

“He can never consider himself as part of the solution,” Delia said.

He went on to appeal to “people in a position to take decisions” to make decisions which would safeguard the highest interest of the country, without partisan considerations.

“More than ever before, our country needs you,” he added.