Violence and intimidation towards journalists condemned

The Institute for Maltese Journalists has condemned the aggression and intimidation levelled towards journalists who were covering the Valletta protest and the events outside Labour HQ

The IGM has condemned the violence against journalists
The IGM has condemned the violence against journalists

Violence and aggression towards journalists is "unacceptable", the Institute for Maltese Journalists said as it condemned fresh incidents that happened in Valletta and Hamrun on Monday.

Journalists were accosted and threatened while covering the protest by civil society NGOs in Valletta and an impromptu gathering of Labour supporters outside party HQ in Hamrun. The incidents come on the back of another incident last week when journalists were kept locked up in Castille at the end of a press conference by the Prime Minister at 3am.

The IGM appealed for calm at this delicate time and urged people to leave journalists fulfill their duty.

"The Institute feels it is intolerable that journalists are obstructed and attacked while at work and the police should afford them protection and take action against anyone who breaks the law," the statement read.

The IGM expressed solidarity with the journalists who were attacked.

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