Malta calls for ‘effective implementation’ of Libya arms embargo

Malta expresses concern amid escalating tension in the region after Turkey’s decision to send troops to Libya • PN says Malta has been sidelined from peace talks

Malta has called for an “effective implementation” of the arms embargo on Libya after Turkey’s decision to send troops to the North African state.

Malta expressed concern at the recent developments and called for a political settlement to the crisis.

“Malta reaffirms its conviction that a political and diplomatic solution based on the UN track is the sole way ahead,” the government said in a statement on Friday.

The Turkish parliament on Thursday approved a resolution authorising the government to send troops to Libya in support of the UN-recognised Government of National Accord led by Fayez Sarraj.

A UN arms embargo on Libya has not been strictly enforced but Turkey’s direct intervention in the conflict would represent a blatant disregard of the embargo.

Valletta said that a solution for peace, security, stability and prosperity in Libya required a “durable and comprehensive ceasefire, and an effective implementation of the arms embargo on Libya”.

“Malta calls on all foreign actors to de-escalate their interventions in and around Libya,” the government said, adding it supported the EU’s position calling on the international community to speak with one voice in support of the welfare of the Libyan people.

The government statement followed guarded criticism by the Nationalist Party that Malta’s domestic political crisis was hampering the country from taking an active role in ongoing discussions to restore peace in Libya.

“The country is completely absent from these discussions thanks to the current political situation,” PN spokespersons Carm Mifsud Bonnici and Roselyn Borg Knight said.

The PN said Malta had always been on the forefront in providing support to “such an important country in the Mediterranean”.

The PN said military action from states both in favour and against the involved parties will not result in peace, but further conflict.

“We support every initiative that results in political stability and leads to democracy and the safe-guarding of human rights,” the statement read.

Turkey’s military support to the Tripoli-based government is intended to stave off an attempt by General Khalifa Haftar and his self-styled Libyan National Army to take the capital. Haftar is backed by the eastern-based administration.

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