[WATCH] Anton Refalo says he had no expectation for Gozo portfolio

Newly sworn-in agriculture minister Anton Refalo says will serve wherever the Prime Minister chooses

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Anton Refalo
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Anton Refalo

Anton Refalo, who has just been sworn-in as the new agriculture minister, has denied having expected to be given the Gozo portfolio instead.

Refalo is replacing Clint Camilleri as agriculture and fisheries minister after Camilleri was shifted to the role of Gozo Minister, which was vacated after Justyne Caruana's resignation on Sunday.

When Robert Abela assigned ministerial and parliamentary secretary posts within his Cabinet last week, Refalo was left out.

He subsequently had said on Facebook that, in the circumstances, he might not always be able to repay the trust his constituents had in him through working for them.

The tides changed just a week later however, when Abela announced that Caruana would be replaced by Camilleri, and Refalo would in turn take on the agriculture portfolio.

"I thank the Prime Minister for the trust he showed in me. I promise him loyalty and work for the country," Refalo said shortly after taking his oath of office on Monday afternoon.

Asked whether he had wanted to be made Gozo Minister, Refalo said "No, it is the Prime Minister's prerogative and I will serve where the Prime Minister has faith in me to serve."

"I feel I can still give service to the Maltese people," Refalo said when questioned on whether he would still be able to serve his constituents in the way he wanted as agriculture minister.

The minister was still unsure where his ministry, which was previously part of the environment ministry in Santa Venera, would be located, but he said he was informed it might be in Valletta.

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