More cases of maladministration yet to be revealed, says Labour deputy leader

Toni Abela: Labour must examine disappointment of voters over the past 10 months

Toni Abela at the 2013 Labour conference
Toni Abela at the 2013 Labour conference

Labour's deputy leader for party affairs Toni Abela has claimed that more "shocking stories" of maladministration and bad governance from the previous administration would be revealed in the weeks to come.

Speaking on TVM's Reporter, Abela admitted that his government had to reflect on its performance during the last 10 months and examine "the disappointment and disillusionment in the general population on the various electoral pledges that were not accomplished."

But turning to the PN, he said that "more deplorable cases" maladministration were yet to be revealed. "I can't understand how some Nationalist supporters can consider themselves as foremost advocates of democracy, with the appalling stories yet to be made public."

Reporter tackled Labour's electoral pledge for meritocracy and good governance since being elected to power in March 2013.

"I only tolerate mistakes when they are made involuntarily," Abela said of his government's performance. "But not mistakes that are committed maliciously."

Presenter Saviour Balzan also hosted MEP candidates Norman Vella and Cyrus Engerer.

Engerer, Labour candidate and former Nationalist deputy mayor for Sliema, said that he perceived an element of superiority complex emanating from the Nationalist ranks. "They think that only they have the divine right to govern. But I can see the inferiority complex the Nationalists have when they speak in the European Parliament. They are unable to talk at par with other European members."

Labour last week hosted a general conference with theme 'Malta - Maltese, European, Global', which Abela described as the three key ingredients to strengthen the country's identity. "In today's globalized world, it is vital for Malta to maintain its identity, while celebrating important anniversaries of events which enriched our identity."

He derided the PN's new statute amendments as a 'cut and paste' version of the amendments made by Labour. "Statutes do not make good leaders. It is good leaders who make good statutes," he said.

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