The employers’ proposals tomorrow on Reporter

The proposals presented by the Malta Employers’ Association to be discussed on tomorrow’s edition of Reporter on TVM

This week, Reporter will discuss the proposals presented by the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) that they want inserted in the Employment and Industrial Relations Act.

Saviour Balzan’s guests will be MEA president Arthur Muscat, GWU Secretary General Tony Zarb and FOR.U.M President Paul Pace.

Balzan will discuss the proposals that the MEA had put forward, one of which says that people who call in sick for self-inflicted reasons such as sunburn, drunkenness or sports injuries should not be entitled to sick-leave, even if they are certified by their doctor as unfit for work.

They are also proposing that employers should not pay sick leave to employees undergoing cosmetic surgery. The MEA are also proposing that employees who don’t work a Monday-to-Friday week should rescind public holidays that fall on their days off.

Reporter is produced and presented by Saviour Balzan, assisted by journalist Frederick Attard.