[WATCH] Reporter to tackle poverty in Malta

Saviour Balzan will analyse the causes of poverty and a possible correlation between poverty and the individual’s geographical location.


Charles Scicluna 2
Charles Scicluna 2

MediaToday Managing Editor Saviour Balzan will tomorrow discuss poverty in Malta on weekly programme Reporter on TVM.

Together with anti-poverty forum representative Fr Vince Magri and leading poverty researcher Leonid McKay, Reporter will delve into the types of poverty prevalent in Malta.

Does poverty exist in Malta? What type of poverty is predominantly present in Malta? What can poverty-stricken individuals do to alleviate their worries?

Reporter, the usual ‘hard talk' style programme will examine the possible correlation between poverty and the individual's geographical location in Malta. Are individuals residing in the south of Malta at greater risk of suffering from poverty than those living in the north?

Balzan will also discuss whether the individual is at fault for his demise or whether the system has failed.
The programme will also see numerous vow pops prepared beforehand by Jerome Caruana Cilia.

Reporter is produced and presented by Saviour Balzan, assisted by journalist Jerome Caruana Cilia and the MediaToday newsroom.

Reporter is aired live every Monday at 6:55pm on TVM. The programme is repeated on TVM2 on Monday at 10:15pm.

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