Muscat has ‘no problem’ with scrutiny of sensitive public appointments

Muscat and Busuttil both agree that political parties should not own political television stations

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that he has no problem with Parliament setting up a committee to scrutinise sensitive public appointments. Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, who has long criticised certain public appointments such as Sai Mizzi’s job as trade envoy to China, said that he will put forward a concrete proposal regarding this committee.

“With all due respect, but the Nationalist Party had done the complete opposite during 25 years in government,” Muscat quipped. “Now it’s as though you’ve fallen out of the sky like a UFO.”

The party leaders were speaking during a yes-or-no debate at the end of Monday’s edition of Reporter where they clashed over issues such as the recent shooting incident involving Manuel Mallia’s driver, the Budget, and the delay in the construction of a new gas power station. The other questions, put forward by Saviour Balzan, were as follows:

Q: Do you agree that, as a practice, the President should be appointed from the party that is not in government?

Busuttil: Yes

Muscat: I don’t think so.

Q: Do you agree that the Constitution should be revised to reflect the changes in society?

Busuttil: Yes
Muscat: Totally

Q: Do you agree that political parties should not have their own political TV stations?

Busuttil: I agree

Muscat: So do I

Q: Do you agree that the appointment of judges and magistrates should no longer remain the duty of politicians?

Busuttil: I agree.

Muscat: After 25 years of doing the opposite, he’s now saying that he agrees. I say that we will need to get to that point eventually.

Q: Do you agree that being a MP should become a full-time job?

Busuttil: It has its pros and cons but I’m open to discussion about it.  

Muscat: I don’t see it happening.

Q: Do you agree that Malta should have one national feast?

Busuttil: Yes

Muscat: Yes
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