Oh look: the victim of an evil PN local plan gets ready to steamroll over the rest of us

The Skinny | No 102 – The 2006 Local Plans

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg: let the yachts come to me
Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg: let the yachts come to me

What are we skinning? The 2006 Local Plans.

Why are we skinning them? Because they are a magical feat of legislation, endowed with the ability of justifying any subsequent central government decision or project.

Why are you talking about it right now, though? As was to be expected, these same fateful Local Plans have cropped up as a defence of the controversial, protest-stoking plans for the Marsascala Yacht Marina.

Why is the yacht marina controversial? Because it will irrevocably alter the shape and feel of a picturesque bay in Malta’s Southern region, obliterating vernacular scenery and – perhaps even more importantly – beloved swimming spots, too.

But what about all the rich people and their pleasure boats? Surely a solution can be found for them which doesn’t irreversibly alter Marsascala forever.

Ian Borg doesn’t seem to think so. And once again, he’s using the 2006 Local Plans to justify putting Marsascala on the erstwhile chopping block.

So he’s essentially saying this is the Nationalists’ fault? Yes. It’s an inverted version of the ‘Tort tal-Lejber’ meme, only this time employed by the party which most definitely holds the reigns of power, and it likely to continue to do so for a few years to come.

40K lumi, indeed. May the gods help us.

But wait, if the Local Plans were conceived by the Evil PN Government, why are they being held up as an irreversible stumbling block to any changes in policy? Because evil is selective with its bosom buddies, and this one fits the bill quite nicely.

Certainly a good game to play. Yes – pretend to be a victim of policies which in fact make your pre-planned steamrolling all the smoother.

Can citizens do anything to turn the tide? Join every single protest and stop trolling those who do online with inane, gaslighting comments. The projects will likely still happen, mind you but you know – you’d be able to tell your grandkids you were at the front lines.

Do say: “While it’s worth noting that the sins of the past have helped pave the way for the sins of the present, surely the most effective way of dealing with sin is confession and absolution, not more sinning? I was under the impression we were a Catholic country...”

Don’t say: “The 2006 Local Plans have been remixed and resampled so many times. Surely they deserve as least their own EP by now?”