British Prime Minister arrives in Tel Aviv

The visit comes after US President Joe Biden met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Rishi Sunak arrives in Tel Aviv
Rishi Sunak arrives in Tel Aviv

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has arrived in Tel Aviv, stating that he was looking forward to speaking with Israeli authorities.

Upon his arrival, Sunak expressed his desire for "productive" discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog.

The British PM's visit follows that of President Biden as international leaders are intensifying their attempts to stop the war with Hamas from spreading to other parts of the Middle East.

During his two-day tour, Mr. Sunak is also expected to advocate for Gaza's humanitarian needs.

Sunak will meet with Netanyahu and Herzog later on Thursday and express his condolences for the people who have been murdered in the conflict thus far.

People close to Sunak have suggested that during his visit, he will emphasise the necessity for Israel to take a measured approach to a ground invasion of Gaza, as well as demonstrate his support for Israel.

The next foreign leader to visit Israel will be French President Emmanuel Macron, who is scheduled to arrive soon.