British sailor may have seen Flight MH370 before it disappeared

A sailor on a yacht near Indonesia may have been the last person to see MH370 before it disappeared. Briton Katherine Tee, 41, says she saw smoke billowing from a bright orange mass, which she described as being shaped like a plane, heading from north to south.

At first, Tee thought she may have seen a meteor. However when she compared the GPS coordinates of the yacht at the time with the projected path of the aircraft, she realized she may have instead spotted the missing plane.

Tee’s husband posted the data maps from their journey to the Cruisers Forum, an online meeting place for seafarers, where other members suggested it was very possible she could have been the last person to see the plane before it headed south into very remote seas.

This information was then passed on to the Australian agency in charge of the seach, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre.