Updated | Barcelona terror suspect gunned down by police

The man was reportedly wearing an explosive belt when he was gunned down in Subirats

Spanish police have confirmed the man shot in an operation in Subirats, some 50km west of Barcelona, is Younes Abouyaaqoub.

Abouyaqoub is the man believed to have driven a van along Las Ramblas killing 15 people and injuring 100. He has been on the run since Thursday.

The police had initially confirmed that a man wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest had been gunned down, and confirmed in a tweet that the man was in fact the suspect. He explosive vest was also confirmed to have been fake.

Abouyaaqoub is reported to have shouted 'Allahu Akbar' when he was confronted by the police. 

According to El Mundo police were alerted to a man fitting the description of Abouyaaqoub near a petrol station.

Earlier Press Conference

During a press conference earlier in the day, authorities said they were looking for the 22-year-old Abouyaaqoub, after new CCTV footage from the day of the attack appeared to show him fleeing the scene on foot.

One woman died in a second attack and officials have now confirmed a 15th victim, stabbed to death in his car. Police are investigating whether the suspect stabbed the Spanish man and stole his car, some 90 minutes after the Barcelona attack.

The car was found in Sant Just Desvern, a small town 25km away, on Thursday night.

The Catalan regional government said on Monday that European police forces were searching for Abouyaaqoub, fearing he may have crossed the border into France.

"This person is no longer just being sought in Catalonia but in all European countries, this is an effort by European police," Joaquim Forn, home affairs chief in the northeastern Spanish region, told Catalan radio.

At a press conference on Monday, officials also revealed there were "strong indications" that an imam suspected of radicalising the young men who carried out the attacks had died in an explosion at a house that was being used as a bomb factory.

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