Weinstein had hitlist of people to prevent from disclosing sex scandal

Producer hired team to investigate almost 100 film industry personalities to stop them from disclosing claims of sexual harassment, the Observer has disclosed

(Photo: the Los Angeles times)
(Photo: the Los Angeles times)

Film producer Harvey Weinstein had a list of 91 people from the film industry who he wanted to target to find out what they knew about claims of sexual misconduct on his part, and whether they planned to go public, The Observer had uncovered.

The list includes actors, publicists, producers and financiers, who were allegedly identified by Weinstein, and who he wanted to prevent from revealing their claims of sexual misconduct in his regard.

Weinstein handed the list over to a team he hired, with the objective of silencing those listed and preventing them from making their claims public.

The list had been formulated in early 2017, nine months before the New York Times came forward with a series of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein.

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