[WATCH] Rio police capture drug boss ‘Rogerio 157’

One of Brazil’s most wanted drug bosses, ‘Rogerio 157’, has been captured in an operation involving 3000 Brazilian military and police

(Photo: BBC News)
(Photo: BBC News)

One of Brazil’s  most wanted drug bosses has been arrested in a massive operation that included armed forces in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rogerio Avelino da Silva, better known as Rogerio 157, was detained in the Rocinha favela, a sprawling neighbourhood largely controlled by gangs.

Authorities had been trying to apprehend the drug boss for months. He is wanted on charges of drug trafficking, extortion and murder, and a $15,000 reward had been offered for his arrest.

The operation leading to his arrest consisted of almost 3,000 officers. Some of them took selfies with the suspect.

Rogerio 157 made it on the most-wanted list in September, after gunmen loyal to him fought street battles with gang members of a jailed rival drugs boss in Rocinha.

“He was arrested by the police in an integrated operation by police and armed forces in the Arará Park favela,” a spokesman for the security forces said. “He did not resist. He was surrounded.”


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