[WATCH] PN can’t depend on Labour’s defects to make political gains, says Claudio Grech

Claudio Grech says PN must be a broad church of liberals and conservatives but must start regenerating itself

Nationalist MP Claudio Grech
Nationalist MP Claudio Grech

The man assigned to draw up a blueprint for the Nationalist Party’s political direction has admitted having “excellent policies” were useless if they cannot be explained to the public. 

Claudio Grech, the senior MP chosen by Bernard Grech to outline the PN’s future policies and challenges, said the PN did not have the resources to communicate its message as the government had.

“The role of the Opposition is to keep the government in check, not just by criticizing, but as an alternative party for when a general election is called. Our previous successes are what makes the PN, but we need to act today because people don’t vote for what happened in the past but for the future.”

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Grech said he believed the PN must remain a broad church party housing both liberals and conservatives, what he described as the “strength of the PN in the past”. 

“We need to present to the people our aspirations so that they can be inspired. You can’t keep inspiring the people by just saying that we’re better than the other party. You cannot build your party on the other party’s defects.” 

Grech also said the PN needed to be constantly regenerating itself with new talent and youth activists. “It has to happen, not just every 20 years, but when you are both in opposition and the government.: 

Grech earned the plaudits of Charlon Gouder, the One News pundit, who said the PN was still looking for a formula with which to reach out to the electorate. “Grech is clear in what he says, but in reality it is Labour that is continuously regenerating itself and offering fresh faces, while the PN is still caught up with the same old familiar faces that might have had an important contribution in politics, but not helping to attract new blood.”