Cricket summer League Begins

Over the weekend the Cricket Summer league commenced and the last session of the Sunoco Cricket Academy came to end (forty in all) until September.

On Sunday a training session for all players was held by the Malta Coach Dave Carlisle to start preparing players for the next tournament.

The Summer league will be in the twenty five over format. Winning teams will earn twelve points for a win, six points for a draw. The bonus points system will be used with batting points starting at 150 runs and for every twenty five runs after until 200 runs , meaning three bonus points are possible. In the bowling department a team will earn a point if they take five wickets and two points for bowling a team out. Something new in the bonus points is that if a junior player takes a wicket it will add a point to the team, also if a junior makes a minimum of eight runs than that will also count as a bonus point for his team.The four teams are Marsa, Melita, Krishna and Overseas.

On Saturday the awaited Summer league commenced with Marsa taking on Krishna. Krishna batted first and had a good start from their openers Nowell Khosla (twenty six runs) and Andy Mitchell (tnirty nine runs, retired).

Bikram Arora was batting well until he obstructed the fielders and made thirty five runs. Ewan Prezebs made a valuable twenty one runs towards the end of the innings. Interesting to note Krishna had seven batsmen who scored a total of eighteen runs. With extras the Krishna team made 181 runs from their allotted overs. Ronnie Sacco was the main wicket taker with two while George Agius, Sarfraz Ali, Daniel Galea  (which gave the Marsa team a valuable point) and Joe Gatner all took a wicket.

The Marsa run chase was a little shaky at the start with Tony Azzopardi making eleven runs and Tony Slater making two, but from there on the batting was just great,Zubair Raja scored twenty seven runs from fourteen balls, Ronnie Sacco has everyone baffled by making sixty two runs from thirty seven balls, Harron Majeed forty eight runs from nineteen balls and Sam Aquilina twenty four runs from seventeen balls. The Marsa team winning with three overs to spare.

On Saturday the Marsa team take on Melita.

Also on Saturday  training for the womens league will also commence from 9:00 till 10:30am. For more information ; [email protected]   


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