[WATCH] Heckling at Euro 2012 | Scenes and Sounds from D-Day

Wayne Flask followed Italy vs England and then coerced Cedric Vella into filming the people watching it.

Half-time beer dehydration. Photo: Malicia Dabrowicz
Half-time beer dehydration. Photo: Malicia Dabrowicz


You call it football, I call it fandom, sometimes extending into fanaticism.

Whichever way you see it, it normally translates into fun. And so it was. Last Sunday I took to the trenches with able bodied Cedric Vella to cover Italy vs England for Maltatoday (since their newsroom were all taken up with pressing concerns like the temperature of the AC or some crap movie to review). Sweaty, tired and with an iron constitution that often included references to the maker, we’re proud to bring you the sights and sounds from the big night.

A huge thanks goes to Cedric, who spent the evening carrying tripod and equipment without as much as half a groan, and to all those who in one way or another contributed to the making of this video.

Warning: contains flashing lights, unclear tactical insights, and many wrong predictions. This is (part of) football.

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