Author of 'Kapitali' and 'Sibna z-Zejt', Wayne Flask does occasional ranting on a freelance basis

This is not an environmental policy. This is showboating
I like trees and all that, but the extension to the Ta’ Qali...
Euro 2016 from row Z | Somebody pull a Leicester...
Unless a complete outsider pulls a Leicester, Euro 2016 risks going into the...
Euro 2016 from Row Z | I dream of a different football
It’s football alright, so shoot it at goal and stop picking your noses
Eurovision | Cliffhanger finale as Ukraine pips Australia with popular vote
So that's it: Ira Losco leaves the Eurovision with a stunning performance...
Ira Losco takes Malta to the Eurovision Song Contest finals
Ira Losco faces off the rest of the undeserving EU and former Soviet satellites...
Hot butter, hot bother
Threatening a Facebook page with legal action because they poked fun at you?...
Heckling at Euro 2012 | The great void
Euro 2012
Withdrawal symptoms have Wayne Flask conclude his series on a soft note. Not.
Heckling at Euro 2012 | I bet you think this post is about you
Euro 2012
Don’t You? Wayne Flask is happy to see Cristiano Ronaldo out of the...
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