The LEDON Cup, four Derby winners in one race

This coming Sunday,  8 March will see the finest Flat horses race the island has to offer, lined up at the starting gates of the first official Ledon Cup and start of the flat racing season set to take place at the Marsa racecourse

Matthew Grech

The event sponsored by Glow Lighting is sure to become a favourite flat racing fixture for enthusiasts in the years to come.

The mile long race ( race 7 of the program) which kicks off at around 3.50 promises to be a closely contested affair with the islands top  stallions going neck and neck with some possible wild cards leading to what should be a nail biting final stretch.

In fact this year’s line-up includes the current derby champion Gold as Good, owned and trained By Jonathan Abel, as well as 2012’s Derby winner Sleepwalking, owned and trained by Matthew Grech who will be renewing their sporting rivalry in 2015.

Kimberly Downs owned by Michael Sultana the established Maltese jockey also having won the derby in 2013 and second in 2014 on Kim is sure to be breathing down any leader’s neck. Will the great weight on his back of 72 kilos over a long distance slow him down?

Butter Milk the 2011 Derby Winner another great horse not to be forgotten about will be in with a shout if he breaks from the stalls.

Sarah Borg on Key Art, having won her last race on Key over the same distance in October 14 with ease over this distance is sure to be a favourite.

Timolinis definitely a favourite, interestingly  can Glenn Gln a Maltese apprentice Jockey currently training in New Market  duplicate Timolin’s last race in the sulky, having clocked 59 seconds over 1,000 meters 3 weeks ago leaving the 2nd horse 5 lengths behind him which could easily rap up this race.

There are 2 other new horses both recently imported from Italy contending, Motobecane and another Mare Alta Velocita it will be interesting to see how they perform on our track for the first time in an official race.

Prediction round up:  fast break from Gold as Good and Key Art, others will stack behind and try to gather up. Kimberly Downs and Timolin are sure to make a break for the front at the last corner of the race, as well as a few other horses.

Matthew Grech forecast for the race:

  1. Key Art
  2. Kimberly Downs
  3. Timolin
  4. Good as Gold
  5. Butter Milk
  6. Sleepwalking
  7. Motobeacne
  8. Alta Velocita