ASM – New trials committee and championship

On Sunday 5th February ASM will be organising the 9th event for Autocross and the 4th event for the Motocross ASM-Poiatti Championships 2011-2012. First races start at 11.00am.

Gozo's Josef Attard on his Honda
Gozo's Josef Attard on his Honda

In the Autocross Class 'A' championship list Christian Galea on his Ritmo is now leading with 47 points over Patrick Cassar on the Opel with just a single point. This change in position took place during last event when Cassar lost all his marginal points to Galea. Third placed Manuel Muscat has 26 points on his Opel Corsa in Class 'A'.

Current Class B leader is Mario Scicluna. He won full points in the Class 'B' Finals and is now on top of the list with 26 points. Runner-up to Scicluna is Matthew Borg with 24 points on his fast Vauxhall Corsa. Kieth Borg on another Nova and James Buttigieg on a Fiesta share 3rd overall with 13 points.

High competition exists in Motocross Class 'A' where Carm Borg is leading with 70 points on his yellow Suzuki RMZ. Clayton Camilleri on a KTM follows close by to Carmel with 65 points. Clayton is 5 points ahead of current Championship leader Stefan Dimech's 60 points on his Honda CRF. 4th place is shared between Paul Muscat (KTM) and Edward Ciantar (Kawasaki) with 48 points each. During next race all riders are expected to be battling together for the best possible high places, thus the highest points scores possible.

Class B is also highly competitive between 4 riders. Charles Borg from Gozo is leading the pack with 67 points. Arthur Micallef is following very close by with 63 points. Both Borg and Micallef ride Honda CRF 250cc bikes. 3rd place is now shared between Brandon Muscat on a Yamaha YZ and Brandon Slowe on a Honda CRF with 53 points each. Both are expected to seek highest place possible in next Sunday's competition.

Since the introduction of Trials the ASM Executive Committee has set the Officials for this revived Trials section. Eddie Bonello is posted as the Trials President. He last occupied this post way back in 2001. Manuel Camilleri is posted as the Section's Secretary while Nick Farrugia is the new treasurer. This committee has been working re establishing rules and ASR's for the Trials Competitions. A new 4 events Mini-Championship will be organized between the 26th February and May 2012. Each event lasts about 4 hours where all competitors will challenge no less than 10 sections.

On Thursday 16th February 2012 the ASM President and Secretary will be meeting the Demolition drivers at the ASM Clubhouse at Mtarfa. The Race rules and other matters will be discussed with the members present. All prospective Demolition drivers are urged to attend.

Practice sessions on Saturday are held from 10.00 am for the Motocross and from 2.00pm for the Autocross cars. First race on Sunday starts at 11.00am.


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