Tokyo Olympics: Yazmin Zammit Stevens places third in weightlifting group

Zammit Stevens is Malta's first female weightlifting Olympian

Yazmin Zammit Stevens placed third in her weightlifting group on Tuesday, becoming the first female weightlifter to represent Malta in the Olympics.

She placed third out of four in the 64kg weightlifting group, above Tunisia's Chaima Rahmouni. 

In the snatch, she succeeded in one of the the three attempts, successfully lifting 84kg above the head in one movement. 

For the clean and jerk, Zammit Stevens successfully lifted 105kg, and was the only contestant to succeed in the third attempt of the clean and jerk.

However, Australia's Kiana Rose Elliot came in first place after lifting 101kg in the snatch and 108kg in the clean and jerk. Sema Nancy Ludrick Rivas, from Nicaragua, successfully lifted 87kg in the snatch and 115kg in the clean and jerk.

The Category A group event will take place at 7:50pm Tokyo time, determining who will get the gold in the women's 64kg group.

At 12pm local time today, Maltese swimmer Andrew Chetcuti will be taking part in the 100 metre heats.