First-Person-Shooters: The best Battle Royale games of 2021

Battle Royale mode started gaining some serious hype and many developers started introducing the mode to their new and old games 

One of the most popular genres of games that has become quite an obsession for many FPS lovers, is the Battle Royale mode that started gaining some serious hype with games like PUBG and Fortnite and soon enough many developers started introducing this mode to their new and old games to join in the party.

Battle Royale is a brutal survival mode where loads of players are dropped in a battle ground and only the last one standing or the last “team” standing wins. A lot of games have been playing around and introducing some fun elements to stand out from the rest as the competition is only getting higher every year and so we decided to make a very short list of the best battle Royale games (in no particular order) that are ruling this genre.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty : Warzone has done a very impressive job at making its own space in the vast market of Battle Royale games, the basic concept stays pretty much the same with 150 players getting spawned and fight until a winner emerges but here’s the fun thing, in order for you to get respawned or revive your team mate, you’d need to fight a 1v1 battle which is quite fun to be honest and adds a nice touch to the game.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another great Battle Royale title that offer so much to the players be it amazing graphics, swift controls, crazy dystopian character skins and smooth gameplay but with so much happening around, it might get a bit confusing at start specially with a new Apex account. Apex Legends features a lot of fun elements like wall climbing and parkour that adds a nice touch to the overall gameplay.

It stands out than the rest of the games by introducing some crazy out-of-box ideas every now and then, that makes the game more un-realistic but fun to play, compared to the other games that focus more on keeping the whole shooting thing as close to reality as they can.


Fortnite by Epic is one of the modern-day battle Royale games that quickly became popular due to its creative game modes, frequent changes, epic weapons and character skins and stunning environment.

Fortnite manages to scoop in thousands of players daily, making it one of the most played game in its genre and if you haven’t played it yet, my friend you are missing out on a real gem here.