MTF President attend the European Triathlon President's Congress in Paris

The Malta Triathlon Federation, in its aim to continue to develop stronger cooperation with the continental Federations and Associations of Triathlon around Europe, attended the Annual President's Congress organised by the European Triathlon Union (ETU).

This year, the congress was held in Paris, in the Administrative Buildings of the National French Olympic Committee. For this meeting, the Malta Triathlon Federation (MTF) was represented by its President, Cyprian Dalli, in his 5th consecutive congress at this level.

During the three days of the gathering, Dalli not only attended the official full-day of the ETU President's Congress, but also held meetings with the ETU's Development Committee where the growth and anticipated of the sport of Triathlon in the Maltese Islands was discussed and planned. The European Triathlon Union has been sustaining the MTF's development project which gave birth to the Malta Youth Triathlon Academy - MYTA which has, in the past three years, attracted a strong number of children and teens towards the sport of Triathlon. The MYTA is part of the SportMalta project of sport, and it has received financial and technical support from the ETU to develop and nourish.

Reporting back just after the congress, Dalli stated that 'for the Malta Triathlon Federation to be part of the continental fora of discussion and planning of Triathlon is an honour, but mostly, a necessity for us. Being present at this stage not only gives recognition to the efforts that the MTF is investing in a continual development and improvement of our sport at local level, but also serves as the idela forum to network with other federations, big and small, around the continent, thus sharing ideas, learn from other countries' experiences and processes, and develop ways on how to put thme in practice. It also serves to be aware of possibilities and opportunities for our athletes and coaches to race, train and attend camps during the year, thus serving to improve the level of play of Triathlon in Malta', concluded Dalli.

The most important continental involvement of the Malta Triathlon Federation during 2016 will be the partecipation of Maltese triathletes in the European Triathlon Championships which wil lbe held in Lisbon in May.

Locally, the Malta Triathlon Federation has already officialised its Calendar of Events for the year which will see a healthy list of multisport races of short and long distances organised by the MTF itself and its affiliated clubs.

For more information, one can visit the Federation's website and the facebook page.

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