Phil Heath wins his sixth Mr. Olympia title

Phil Heath is again confirmed the best bodybuilder in the world as he defended his Mr. Olympia title for the sixth consecutive time.

Phil Heath celebrates his sixth Mr. Olympia title
Phil Heath celebrates his sixth Mr. Olympia title

Phil Heath has won his sixth Mr. Olympia title, now being just one away from the seven wins of Arnold Schwarzenegger and two away from the record breaking eight wins of Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

The big news of the evening was 2008 Mr, Olympia and last years runner-up Dexter Jackson falling to third place. Shawn Rhoden moved up one place from last year to place second.

The 'Rock' Dwayne Johnson was also at the Mr. Olympia to make a big announcement that the 2017 Mr. Olympia will be aired Live on CBS sports in collaboration with The Rock's production company Seven Bucks Productions.

Results Mr. Olympia
1. Phil Heath - $400,000
2. Shawn Rhoden  - $150,000
3. Dexter Jackson - $100,000
4. Big Ramy - $55,000
5. William Bonac - $45,000
6. Roelly Winklaar - $35,000
7. Cedric McMillan - $25,000
8. Dallas McCarver - $20,000
9. Josh Lenartowicz - $19,000
10. Justin Compton - $10,000

Other results:

James Flex Lewis celebrates his fifth 212 Olympia title
James Flex Lewis celebrates his fifth 212 Olympia title

James Flex Lewis has made history to win his fifth consecutive 212 Olympia title.

The surprise of the evening was first time 212 Olympia contender Ahmad Ashkanani placing second.

Results; 212 Olympia
1. James Flex Lewis - $40,000
2. Ahmad Ashkanani - $17,000
3. Jose Raymond - $8,000
4. Eduardo Correa - $4,000
5. David Henry - $3,000

Latorya Watts defended her Figure Olympia title for the second consecutive time to take top honors in 2o16.

Top five Figure Olympia
Top five Figure Olympia

The shock of the evening was multiple Figure Olympia winner Nicole Wilkins falling to fourth place.

Results: Women's Figure
1. Latorya Watts - $35,000
2. Candice Lewis - $18,000
3. Cydney Gillon - $12,000
4. Nicole Wilkins
5. Swann De La Rosa

Jeremy Buendia
Jeremy Buendia

IFBB Pro Jeremy Buendia continues to dominate as he has won his third consecutive title in the Men’s Physique division at the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest.

Final Results - Men's Physique
1. Jeremy Buendia
2. Ryan Terry
3. Jeremy Potvin
4. Brandon Hendrickson
5. Andre Ferguson
6. George Brown
7. Jason Poston
8. Joseph Lee
9. Logan Franklin
10. Dean Balabis
11. Ryan John Baptiste
12. Chase Savoie
13. Ryan Hinton
14. Jared Goodrich
15. Felipe Franco
16. Matthew Acton
16. Fawad Ahadi
16. Mark Anthony
16. Anton Antipov
16. Mike Balan
16. Robin Balogh
16. Jeremy Coleman
16. Scott Crowe
16. Michael Ferguson
16. Earnest Flowers
16. Patrick Fulgham
16. Jeph Gabriel
16. Denis Gusev
16. Otis Hooper
16. James Hurst
16. Jacques Lewis
16. Diogo Montenegro
16. Tristan Murray
16. Freddy Naidu
16. Geobanny Paula
16. Arya Saffaie
16. Jeff Seid
16. Kai Spencer
16. Antoine Weatherspoon
16. Tory Woodward

Danny Hester
Danny Hester

IFBB Pro Danny Hester has won the first ever Classic Physique division held on the Mr. Olympia stage.

Hester managed to overcome some of the main contenders such as Sadik Hadzovic.

Results - Men's Classic Physique
1. Danny Hester
2. Arash Rahbar
3. Sadik Hadzovic
4. Breon Ansley
5. Darrem Charles
6. Robert Timms
7. Ko Chandetka
8. Shavis Higa
9. Terrence Ruffin
10. Stan McQuay
11. AJ Shukoori
12. R.D. Caldwell, Jr.
13. Derik Farnsworth
14. Sean Harley
15. Omar Bautista
16. Matt Pattison
16. Jonathan Sebastian

Juliana Malacarne
Juliana Malacarne

IFBB Pro Juliana Malacarne has extended her reign another year with an impressive win in the Women’s Physique division at the 2016 Olympia Weekend.

Results Women's Physique:
1. Juliana Malacarne
2. Danielle Reardon
3. Heather Grace
4. Kira Neuman
5. Jamie Pinder
Jacklyn Sutton Abrams
Michaela Aycock
Rachel Baker
Erica Blockman
Dianne Brown
Vicki Diaz
Antoinette Downie
Gloria Fauls
Anne Luise Freitas
Jessica Gaines
Asha Hadley
Rosanna Harte
Sheronica Henton
Rosela Joseph
Candrea Judd-Adams
Tamee Marie
Frances Mendez
Branka Njegovec
Stacey Norris
Mindi OBrien
Melissa Pearo
Erika Reed
Jennifer Robinson
Susan-Marie Smith
Autumn Swansen

Full results from Friday's competitions:

2016 Fitness Olympia results
1- Oksana Grishini / $35k
2- Tanji Johnson / $18k
3- Regina DeSilva/ $12k
4- Whitney Jones/ $7k
5- Bethany Wagner/ $5k
6. Fiona Harris
7. Ariel Khadr
8. Kristine Duba
9. Dominique Matthews
10. Aurika Tyrgale
11. Marta Aguiar
12. Rebecca Sizemore
13. Derina Wilson
14. Jeanine Taddeo

2016 Bikini Olympia results
1. Courtney King – $35K
2. Angelica Teixeira – 18K 
3. India Paulino – $12K
4. Ashley Kaltwasser  – $7K
5. Jennifer Ronzitti  – $5K

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