Wilfred Sultana Awarded Trofeo Del Mare 2017

From an original list of twenty-six nominees Wilfred Sultana was one of eight candidates who were eventually awarded the Trofeo Del Mare 2017 in the seventeenth edition of an event which brings to life the many stories of men and the sea along the Mediterranean routes.

Wilfred Sultana receiving the award. Photo:Massimo Assenza
Wilfred Sultana receiving the award. Photo:Massimo Assenza

The jury’s citation on announcing Sultana’s award referred to him as "A sports journalist, publisher and organizer of national and international maritime events, contributing to the growth of nautical crafts, both as a sport and as in shipping and industrial activity, promoting economic and trade exchanges between his country and Sicily"

The Trofeo del Mare 2017 marks the fifth major recognition awarded to Wilfred Sultana throughout his active career. The other four were that of 1986 - Sport Official of the Year (Għaqda Kittieba Sports - Malta), 2013 - Life Career Recognition in Media and Sport (Għaqda Ġurnalisti Sports - Malta), 2016 - Life Career Recognition as a Journalist, Publisher and Events Organiser  (ONE Tribute Awards -TV/Radio Group) and 2017 - Life Career Recognition as a Journalist, Publisher and Events Organiser (Yachting Malta).

A special guest at the Trofeo del Mare 2017 Awards Night was the Hon. Dr Angelo Farrugia, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who was also invited to present one of the awards. In a short address Dr Farrugia referred to Malta’s maritime commanding role in the Mediterranean throughout the years and the success with which various maritime related elements are today embellishing the local economy.

The Trofeo del Mare Awards, which this year have been included among the national events to mark the 120th anniversary of the Lega Navale Italiana, were organised by the Reggione Siciliana, the Lega Navale Italiana (Sezione Pozzallo), the Soprintendenza del Mare and the Comune di Pozzallo.

Wilfred Sultana, currently also the Commodore of the Malta Cruising Club, is the fourth Maltese personality to be bestowed with the Trofeo del Mare Award. The other three were Dr Timmy Gambin - Marine Archaeologist in 2011, John Ripard - Yachtsman in 2012 and Francis Portelli - Shipowner in 2014.