Kettle Chips Under 14 European Tournament at the VLTC

The Vittoriosa Lawn Tennis Club, in conjunction with the Malta Tennis Federation is organising the VLTC Kettle Chips European Tournament between the 29th June and 6th July.

This tournament is being held for the sixth year running and is part of the Under 14 Tour of Tennis Europe. It is once again being sponsored by Red October Company Ltd., distributers  in Malta of  Kettle Chips.

To launch the European tournament, VLTC held a Red Tennis competition for children between the ages of 6 and 8 years, under the guidance of Mr John Cassar, a long serving  coach at the club. At the end of the event, Mr Carlos Cluett, managing director of  Red October in Malta presented commemorative medals to the young players.

Details of the forthcoming European Under 14 tournament were announced by VLTC president Dr Paul Micallef. He said that the competition has already attracted considerable interest among junior players from across Europe and beyond. Young players from Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, the Ukraine and Russia have already applied to take part. Other players from the United States and Australia have also given notice to attend.

Maltese players include Katrina Sammut, Rebekka Bukker, Miguel Galea and Benjamin Farrugia.

The tournament organisers thanked Red October Co. Ltd for their sponsorship, and San Michel Table Water  for their continual support and invited the Maltese sporting public to attend and give their backing to the players.


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