World Cup Final ball sold for £48,200 on eBay

An official World Cup final ball has sparked a frenzy of excitement on internet auction site ebay.

The special edition Adidas Jo'bulani ball was used in Sunday's final between Spain and the Nerherlands at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

Adidas has listed tbe ball for auction, with all proceeds going to 46664, Nelsen Mandela's charity to combat HIV/AIDS.

On Friday morning, a bid of £48,000 was the highest of the 140 lodged. The bidding ended at 5pm and the ball was sold for £48,200.

Ruth Szyszkowski, eBay spokesman, said: "Unique pieces of sporting memorabilia have always been extremely popular on eBay.

"The interest in this particular piece seems not only heightened by the controversy surrounding it, but also the proceeds benefiting such a great cause."

The Adidas Jabulani World Cup ball caused a storm of complaints from players who claimed it had an unpredictable flight and was difficult to control.

Jabulani means 'to celebrate' in Zulu. And the special gold edition used in the final was christened 'Jo'bulani' as a tribute to Johannesburg.

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